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Here are just some of the things people have said about Michael Korel, Tarot Master:


"He's accurate, articulate, incisive and sensible...you end up feeling like you've drunk a lot of champagne (but) you can remember everything he said" - The Sunday Times

"Michael has people turn to him, broken-hearted celebrities and clubbers alike, in the way they turned to priests in olden days" - The Scotsman

"Michael Korel - Tarot Reader Extraordinaire!" - The Independent on Sunday

"Right now, Korel is the most popular man in London's most copied club" - The Evening Standard

"Michael's reading was the most accurate" - The Independent


"Michael is to Tarot what I am to shoes" - Jimmy Choo, Shoe Designer

"The first time I met Michael, he walked up to me, took my palm and gave me a very precise description of my personality. That was back in 2002, and ever since then I have had regular Tarot readings with him. Michael has provided guidance, insight and a good ear. His understanding of all things cosmic and spiritual is astonishing, I am always left feeling he knows more about me than I do about myself!" - Beth Morgan, Private Concierge

"Michael has special psychic powers, in fact he's practically a super-hero" - Vivienne Harvey, Actress

"I have had a number of readings with Michael. I have always found them to be incisive, helpful and he is incredibly perceptive and good at getting to the nub of a situation. I cannot recommend a reading with Mike highly enough for advice - especially if you are confused about a direction to take, etc." - Caroline Ratner, PR

"Michael always gives me great advice from the cards" - Cathy Brown, British Boxing Champion

“I had my first reading from Michael about 6 years ago. The reading was totally accurate and he touched on several issues which were troubling me at the time. He was also very encouraging and gave me the confidence to take the positive steps to make changes which I needed to make by focusing on the positive at all times. I have been back to him over the years for further readings and he has been a source of strength through many challenging times” - Sonya Yadin Saidman, Marketing Manager, Marvel Comics

"Michael read my palm...I've been a changed woman ever since" - Bronwen Foster-Butler, Model Agent

"He told me some spookily true stuff" Yvonne Le, Manager, Hakkusan Restaurant

"In the dark of night in Chinawhite, I was lucky enough to find young Michael Korel. I had been given a reading that echoed my own beliefs and I have never strayed from that path....When I see Michael again I hope he has the time to give me another reading and this time in a quiet place where I can hear his very precise words" - DJ Rusty Egan